The Scientists from an American University have discovered an underwater city built by Octopuses. Earlier, the scientists thought that Octopuses live alone. The discovery of the first Octopus city in 2009 set them to research it further. Now, they have concluded that Octopuses do not live alone but live in small cities made by them. They have observed the cities through powerful underwater cameras. The images taken through these cameras show those Octopuses have used remains of animals that they have eaten as food. The researchers have also found many piles of shells to make this city. Even, they have found some dens in the city also.

A closer observation of those Octopuses reveals that these evict and chase one another. These also change their colors and size to show some specific behavior. The researchers have said that about 10 to 15 octopuses are residing in this city. They have named the city as ‘Octlantis’. The researchers have further said that the city has a length of about 18 meters and is about 15 meters underwater. There are total 23 Octopus dens in this city. The 13 dens seem covered while the remaining 10 are empty.

Here, it is important to mention that the scientists thought that Octopuses are solitary creatures and mate once a year. But, this new research has proved those ideas wrong. Instead, the Octopuses live in congregations and socialize with one another. There are two cities of Octopuses in South Wales in Australia. The researchers have found that these Octopuses have the intelligence equal to 3 years old human beings.

The discovery is important in the sense that it will help the researchers to study the behavior of Cephalopods in details. The scientists say that the main reason for making these cities is ensuring better food and shelter against predators.