Science has always proved beneficial for human beings. Different kinds of scientific inventions are making human life much easier. The scientists across the world are busy in inventing new medicines to ease their lives. Human beings and all other living things use electrical energy. This energy consumes in a movement of different parts of the body. The rhythm of the heart and the movement of muscles are due to this electrical energy.  The scientists have invented a new kind of battery. This battery produces the same kind of ion-based electrical energy which the living things use.

There are innumerable flowing ions in the human body. These flowing ions are in the form of sodium, potassium, and other electrolytes. These produce electric signals that control human brain, heart, and all other muscles. This process relates to the process inside a traditional battery. In a traditional battery, the ions move from one end to the other end and produce electrical energy. This current then flows outside the battery in cables.

It moves electrons instead of ions to produce electrical energy. This is the first time that an ionic current generating battery has come up to the stage. One of the researching professors says that they want ionic systems to interface with human systems. Thus, they have used the reverse design of the battery. He further explains that in a typical battery the ions move inside the electrodes and electrons flow through the wires. Whereas in this battery the electrons move inside the battery and the ions flow through the wires.

In this reverse battery technology, the ions flow through the outside ionic cables. They have used grass fibers and proved that it could interact with the human body. Another strange feature in this battery is that it uses grass for storing energy. They have invented this battery by soaking Kentucky bluegrass in lithium salt solution. The battery created by this team looks like two glass tubes filled with grass blades. A thin metal wire connects these glass tubes. The metal wire is the place from where electrons move from one end to the other by discharging the stored energy.

The ionic current flows through the metal wire connected at the other end. This reverse battery technology can prove helpful in a cure of various diseases. Alzheimer, depression, and cancer diseases are some of those.