Flowers are an important part of the plants. These are also the sex organs of more than 360000 species of plants. The scientists are of the view that all the flowers have the same origin. It means that these have one common ancestor flower. The researchers say that the origin of these flowers dates back to 250m or 140m years ago. They are of the view that a plant produced the very first flowers when the Earth was warmer. There was an abundance of Oxygen and other greenhouse gases. That may be the time when dinosaurs had existed.

The scientists are unable to find the fossils of these flowers. This is because the flowers were delicate and could hardly resist the heat of the Sun and the Earth. Thus, the scientists have no clue of how the ancestral flowers looked like? The botanists are researching different flowers to have a hint of an ancestor of all flowers. This team of botanists has relied on the studies of more than 800 living descendant of those flowers.

They have made hypothesis by comparing the similarities and differences between these different flowers. For example, the ancestors of Orchid flowers could be the bilateral flowers. This is because the descendants of these have flowers in which one-half is the mirror image of the other. The result of comparing of those ancestors takes us back further to their ancestors. By continuing this practice, one can reach the first ever flower that blossomed.

The botanists have revealed in their studies that the first ever flower may have looked like magnolia. Magnolia is a flower which is alive today. It has undifferentiated petals in the form of concentric rings. The center of these flowers has sexual parts including stamens and ovaries. One of these produces pollen grains, and the other produces anthers.

Here, one question arises whether the male and female sex organs are present in the same flower or different. This new study of flowers answers this question also. The reality is that both the male and female sex organs are present in the same flower. Most of the modern species of flowers have both the sexes in the same flower.

The modern studies suggest that the ancestor flowers were hermaphrodite. This means that those flowers were able to reproduce both as males and females. This modern study gives us a glimpse of how the ancestor flowers looked like. But, still, we are unaware of their evolution.