The 35 years old pregnant rape victim from Bihar moved to Supreme Court to seek the permission for her abortion. The apex court has rejected her plea and directed the state government to pay her Rs. 3 lakhs.

Last week her plea was rejected by Patna High Court as the medical termination of pregnancy (MTP) involved a major operation. The apex court has rejected her plea based on the AIIMS’ report. The activist lawyer had filed this case on behalf of this woman.

The apex court had asked AIIMS to provide the report of this HIV+ rape victim. The report says that if the pregnancy is terminated the victim’s life would be in danger. The pregnancy is now of 26 weeks.

Earlier, Patna High Court rejected the plea as the embargo was 20 weeks old. As per 1971 MTP act, it has crossed the legal time frame for an abortion. Earlier to this, the women had requested the government to give her permission for an abortion. At that time she was 17 weeks pregnant.

While citing its order, the apex court said that it was more concerned about the safety of the woman who was suffering from a serious disease. The pregnancy termination involved a danger to her life. The court would not allow her to suffer more. Saving her life was the court’s main priority.

The AIIMS doctor’s team has also confirmed that MTP could not be done as the pregnancy is on advanced stage.

The women were raped in Patna when she was out of her shelter home ‘Shanti Kutir’. As of now, an NGO ‘Koshish’ is taking care of her. She decided to abort the fetus when she came to know about the pregnancy earlier this year.