Sath Nibhana Sathiya 19th January 2017 Full Episode Updates: Urvashi Blames Kokila!

In the last episode of Sath Nibhana Sathiya, we had seen that Jaggi was much tensed for Urvashi and prays for her. He was on his knees and was taking round around the temple. His knees then start bleeding which makes Gopi more tensed. Just then Kokila calls Gopi and tells that Urvashi was out of danger. Gopi tells the same to Jaggi and they both rushes to the hospital.

Urmila gives the good news to Vidya and Meera. Parag asks to meet Urvashi but doctor neglects at this. Inspector also asks the doctor to inform them about Urvashi’s condition. Kokila at a corner in the hospital was tensed about the conditions. Pari and Mona then comment at this. Gaura goes to the hospital thinking that she can’t leave Urvashi alive. She was hiding in a shawl and tries to get enter the hospital. Kokila asks a doctor if they can meet Urvashi but doctor neglects.

Later Jaggi comes to the hospital and apologize to the doctor. Chanda in the house thinks that where did Gaura go now. Gaura outside the hospital sees some patients getting inside and then thinks about a plan. Gaura tricks the peon and gets sleep on the stretcher. Peon takes her inside the hospital. Gopi and Kokila make Jaggi understand to not to be much worried about Urvashi.

Chanda in the house gets to know that Gaura was not there. She thinks on and then makes falls excuse in front of Vidya. Gaura then comes out and goes to Urvashi’s room. Urvashi gets shocked to see her there. Gaura tries to strangulate Urvashi. Just then doctor allows them all to meet Urvashi and let them go inside. The family reach in the room on time and gets shocked to see Urvashi’s conditions. The doctor then treats her and make her fall asleep.

In today’s episode of Sath Nibhana Sathiya, we had seen that Urvashi will get conscious and everyone will felt relax. Jaggi and inspector will ask her to tell about the culprit who wants to kill her and attacks on her. Gaura will be hiding behind the curtains. Urvashi will point towards the curtains but the family will get shocked to think that she will be pointing towards Kokila. Kokila will also get shocked at this. The situation will become more tricky. Now it will be interesting to see that what will Gopi do next. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Sath Nibhana Sathiya like this.