The entire world is waiting for the upcoming flagship device in the note series from Samsung. People thought that Samsung would close the Note series after the failure of Note 7. The official sources, however, confirmed that the company would come back with more upgraded Note series. Although there are no official statements about the release and specs of the device, yet we have got much from the leaks. Now, a report from Korean media says that the Galaxy Note 8 will support 3D touch which we can call ‘Force Touch’ also. Earlier, the company had used this pressure sensitive touch in Galaxy S8 and S8+. These flagship devices do not support pressure sensitive touch throughout the whole display. Instead, the force touch is present around the home key button only.

Now, the leaks say that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will boost a pressure sensitive display. Earlier, we heard that the S-Pen stylus would have pressure sensitive feature. But, now the reports say that full display of Note 8 will support pressure touch. This pressure sensitive display or 3D touch will respond in different ways according to the pressure applied by the user. This 3D touch will also enable the users to open the hidden menus and shortcuts by applying pressure of different magnitude.

Apple is the pioneer in using this 3D touch technology. Apple first used this pressure sensitive touch in its Watches in 2014 and 2015. Later, the tech giant applied the same to its all time hit devices iPhone 6S. The display of those devices was one of its own kinds. Samsung is going to use this pressure sensitive touch for the first time on the entire display.

There are also reports that Samsung will launch the most awaited device at its event on August 23. The pre-orders for the device will start from 1st September and the availability will become possible by 15th September. Some reports also say that the pre-orders will continue until 10th of September.

It would be great to use the Galaxy Note 8 because it will have a 6.3-inch large display with 3D touch embedded in it. The users will have a new experience by using this device.