As they say politics awareness is very important and is everything. Our news sources have reported that the ruling party BJP has decided on its alliance partner for the upcoming assembly polls in the Kashmir valley. The alliance partner of Bhartiya Janta Party in the state is expected to be declared by the next month.

The name of the candidate which is chosen by the BJP as the alliance partner is Sajjad Gani Lone, who could be the next Chief Minister of Kashmir. Sajjad Gani Lone is the son of former separatist leader Abdul Gani Lone who was killed in 2002. Lone is a nationalist leader and has a big name in the politics which is the main similarity between the BJP Party and Lone, say political observers.

After the downfall of the government led by Mehbooba Mufti in June this year, Ram Madhav who is the general secretary of BJP and the party in-charge of the Kashmir region met Lone during his visit to Kashmir and discussed a lot of issues regarding the state Government failure. Since then, Madav and Lone met each other several times and recently Lone has accepted the dinner invitation by Ram Madhav which was organized to celebrate the occasion of finalizing the new mayor of the Srinagar by the People’s Conference (PC).

Lone has been driving towards the politics after the sudden diminishing of his father 16 years ago and now the time has come where he will be able to achieve the position he always dreamt of. He has achieved a lot in the politics and was always in the support of nationalist politics and talked about a lot of achievement done by the BJP in the Kashmir. Besides this, he wanted to be the main leader of the BJP party in the valley. Lone developed a strong connection with the Ruling party in 2014 when his party became a part of the BJP-PDP alliance.

Lone also reacted on the indication given by the BJP. He said we are looking for the suitable space for the contribution.