The Saffron party has called for bandh for 12-hour in Bengal to express rage for the killing of two men in a clash with police in North Dinajpur district on Wednesday.

Dilip Ghosh, state BJP president informed about the bandh and said “We have called for a 12-hour bandh on September 26 to protest against the inhumane killing of two students in Islampur by the police. When students ask for teachers, trigger-happy police fired on them, killing two. We want justice to prevail.”

The incident happened in Islampur was inhumane. The clash between the group and policemen ended with the death of two men.

The BJP leader Pratap Banerjee expressed anger and said that entire state and people residing in Islampur were fed up with the poor governance and misrule of TMC in Bengal. The shut down called in the state was a way to express the rage of the people against the anti-people government.

He further added that the party had initially planned for the ‘Nabanno abhiyan’ but later decided for bandh after the recent violence occurred in Islampur.

On September 20 afternoon, a clash between policemen and student ended with the loss of two lives. The violent clash occurred between students of Islampur’s Darivita Uchwa Vidyalaya and policemen. The students of Islampur’s Darivita Schwa Vidyalaya were protesting for the better teaching infrastructure and were demanding changes in teaching staff. The protest turned out of control and the situation fired up when policemen present over there triggered bullets on students and two students lost lives.

The deceased were later identified as the alumni of the same school, named Tapas Burman and Rajesh Sarkar.

The Saffron party leader Mukul Roy said “The way these acts of violence are happening in West Bengal we can see democracy is dying a pathetic death. We want CBI inquiry into the matter.” Roy said this on Saturday at a press conference.

The ambience of the area was perspiring tension on Saturday as villagers had set up a barricade and family members of the Rajesh Sarkar and Tapan Burman denied to perform the last riots until a CBI probe is initiated.