The disputes on the illegal migrants are booming these days in the Parliament. The govt. on Tuesday declared that illegal migrant would be sent back to their country. The govt stated that Rohingya living in India who do not hold the status of “refugee”  but are categorised under the tag of  “illegal migrants”  would be deported once their details are prepared.

Union Minister of State for Home Affairs of India, Kiren Rijiju said “Their entry is illegal. They are living here illegally. There is no question of providing them with any facility from the government… We are not here for giving rights to illegal migrants”, which showed his strict prohibition for the stay of migrants.

Mr Lawyer, Kiron even informed that illegal migrants had been caught in illegal activities.

Mr Kiron’s revert was the answer to the questions raised by the opposition regarding Rohingya migrants.

The govt had even ordered the state govt to count and collect the details of the Rohingya migrants living in the state.

Govt even ordered the Border Security Forces to restrict the entry of the any more illegal migrants.

Mr Rajnath Singh said that his govt. was waiting for the enumeration process to be completed after which it would be sent to the Ministry of External affair, who would further contact the Myanmar Govt for the same issue.

As per the information received, around 40,000 Rohingya migrants were dwelling in the states of India. They are basically found in Jammu and Kashmir, Tripura,  Mewat in Haryana and Hyderabad (Telangana).

The decision took by the govt. is in benefit of the Indian. The Rohingyas are occupying the spaces and other rights which are of Indians. The Rohingya are even involved in illegal activities which hammers the peace of the country.

The BJP politician and lawyer even answered the opposition who questioned the values and virtues of India. The opposition asked about the inhumane treatment of the refugees.

Mr Kiron said that Indian had been “most soft” for these migrants but that does not mean that there were no norms and regulation built for them. The protection of our own people and their rights always stands first in the queue. India had even helped in camps in Bangladesh and even in Rakhine, area in Myanmar where Rohingyas reside.