Yogi Sarkar comes up with one more interesting initiatives and has planned to launch the start-up in various famous temples of the state.

The government will create a unit at the Iskon temple in Kanpur, making its first move towards startup. In Iskon temple, the flowers offered to the deity will be used to make incense sticks.

UP minister for MSME Satyadev Pachauri  who is from Kanpur shared about the initiative and informed that a loan of `25 lakh would be provided for the project.

He said, “We plan to start similar start-up projects ion other temples in the state where religious articles required for ‘puja’ like ‘Havan Samagri’ can be prepared. In this way, people will get employment and the religious place will also become self-sufficient.”

The minister even assured that the start-ups would be cost effective and would provide good output in return.

The saffron party leader and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister would even step forward for the cleanliness and ask the State Pollution Control B to guarantee that no waste from religious places is thrown in the Ganga River.

The government would look forward to the steps to recycle the temple waste and banish it in a better way.

The Minister even shared that some temples had started practising the initiative and had started training women to make incense sticks from waste flowers and cited the example of Mankameshwar temple of Lucknow.

Source even shared that the new religion based start-ups would also work on the material used by devotees including offerings and “prasad”.

The new initiative by the Yogi-led government would surely contribute to making environment and rivers pollution-free.

The new initiative will also open the job opportunities and employment for the people in the state, on the other hand, will surely promote cleanliness.

Discharge of the waste material in the rivers has been a major issue of water pollution, so such an initiative will surely end this practice.