Reliance Jio revealed its figures for the first quarter of 2018. These figures show that the customer database of the telecom service provider has increased to 186.6 million. The customer database of the company was 160.1 million in the last quarter of 2017. This shows an increase of 26.5 million customers in this quarter. The figures also show that the average revenue per user has decreased. ARPU has remained Rs. 137.1 million in this quarter. It is also less than Rs. 154 ARPU in the last quarter of 2017. Here, it is also worth mentioning that Airtel has also reported a decrease in ARPU for this quarter. ARPU of Airtel has decreased to Rs. 116 million from last quarter’s ARPU of Rs. 123 million.

The figures show that Reliance Jio’s customers have used 506 crore GB data in the first quarter of 2018. This means that an average user has used about 9.7GB data per month. The company has also disclosed the figures of calling traffic on the network. According to these figures, the consumers have made total 37218 crore minutes of calls. This means that an average user has made calls of 716 minutes in a month. The video consumption has remained 240 crore hours per month. This means that an average user has watched 13.8 hours of videos in a month.

The company has said nothing about the sale of the Jio 4G phone units in the quarter. Here, it is also important to mention that the customers’ database of the company is also increasing with the availability of Jio 4G phones. The company has also revealed that its net profit has increased 1.2 percent in this quarter.

The CEO also says that the world is passing through a social, mobile, and digital revolution. He is feeling happy that India is also no exception to this revolution because of the entry of Reliance Jio in the telecom sector.