Reliance Jio has once again stunned the whole India by launching free Jio TV for laptop and desktop users. The experts say that the company is doing so to expand the accessibility of Jio apps all across the country. Earlier, the company had also announced the web version of its content platform Jio Cinema. And now, it has released the web version of Jio TV. This means that the users can now watch Jio Cinema and Jio TV on their web browsers for free.

The users of Reliance Jio were demanding the web version of its TV after the launch of Jio Cinema. This announcement has come as a pleasant surprise for them. They can now watch the live TV channels present in the Jio TV app. The users only need to have a Jio account. This is because they have to log in to from any browser. Here, it is pertinent to mention that Jio TV is the leading TV channel across the country with more than 550 channels.

One of the most attractive things about this app is that it has the same interface as Android. All the channels are in the form of a line. There is also an option for the user to select either the SD or the HD version of the channels. Moreover, they can also watch the content of previous seven days. Reliance Jio has named it ‘Catch up TV’. The users with Jio 4G SIM card can enjoy both Jio Cinema and Jio TV for free. They just have to log into their accounts.

Reliance Jio TV is the leading TV channel among all the service providers as Airtel TV, Vodafone Play, and Idea Movies. There are 174 news channels, 106 entertainment channels, 44 movie channels, 41 devotional channels. There are also 40 music channels, 34 infotainment channels, 26 kids channels, 21 sports channels, 14 lifestyle, and 8 business news channels.

This means that the users of Reliance Jio can watch these channels on the go. They can also watch the TV channels on mobiles without downloading the app.