Reliance Jio has introduced a new offer to attract customers. The offer is on JioFi 4G routers. This offer gives the customer an option to exchange their old data card, dongle, or hotspot router with 100% cashback. The news is further confirmed by the conversation on Twitter. The company has offered two plans for the customers to choose.

The first plan is to give a consumer an option to exchange their old data card, dongle, or hotspot at the Reliance Jio Digital store or Jio Care Store. The company offers these customers a 4G data worth Rs. 2010 as a return. The customers will have to pay Rs. 1999 for JioFi 4G router and the first mandatory recharge of Rs. 408. This recharge includes the membership fee of Rs. 99 and an offering fee of Rs. 309. The validity of this free data bundle is 84 days.

If we closely observe this plan, it gives customers free JioFi 4G router. The payment of Rs. 1999 gives a customer a free data bundle for 84 days. As stated above, This data bundle values worth Rs. 2010.

The second plan is somewhat different and gives less advantage than the first plan. This plan does not include any exchange offer. It is simply for the new users who want to buy JioFi 4G router. They have to pay Rs. 1999 as the JioFi router price and also the first mandatory recharge of 408. Here again, the recharge consists of prime membership fee of Rs. 99 and package fee of Rs. 309. But, here the customer gets the free data worth Rs. 1005. In this way, the customers get the benefit of Rs. 994.

The existing customers can also purchase this JioFi router under the same package without exchanging their old ones. The main objective of the company behind this offer is to bring more customers to their network. But, one thing is sure that this type of offers will bring a great revolution in the world of internet. This continuous expanding of the 4G network will open new horizons of progress for the Indian people. Especially, the people living in far-off areas will get many advantages. Their communication with the rest of the country will improve.