Reliance Jio was testing its fiber-to-home services in Pune and Mumbai. This was after the release of the Reliance Jio services in September. Jio also confirmed its testing of the broadband services after some few months. However, it has not released any extra details like the speed and data rates. There is also no confirmation regarding the launch date of the services.

Jio Broadband Services

There has been a change in the official website of Reliance Jio. With this change, there can be expectations that the release date will be soon enough. There is some information on the page of “Quick Recharge” for Jio. The users can observe the recharge features for the existing services. These would include the Mobile, Wi-Fi Hotspot, JioFi, and Jio Apps. In addition to this, there will be two more services: Jio Link and Home Broadband.

There are no extra details on these links. Chairman Mukesh Ambani has said during the release of the network of Jio Mobile that it will launch a fiber network. This network will be capable of around 1 Gbps speed.

Jio Link As TV Set-Top Box

Jio Link resembles a TV set-top box from the picture on the site. This is in addition to the Jio TV that is also expected to be launched. As per the rumors, Jio will intend to offer an IPTV Service. There will be no DTH service provision. However, the company still has not made any comments. No news about the release date has also been released.

A source has said that the testing for the service is continuing. The final date of the release has not yet been confirmed. There also has been news that plans along with other information might change. This might occur before the launch date.

With the launch of the DTH services by Reliance Jio, the users can be happy. Jio claims that it will offer exceptional services with the DTH feature. It will offer high-speed Internet as well as multiple television channels. The company also aims to provide the idea of connected cars. There could be Internet of devices and several others. Jio perceives itself as a technology company. Therefore, it has plans for extended services in all possible realms of technology.