Reliance Jio

We all have been waiting patiently for Reliance Jio to roll out its 4G services. The wait is about to get over. According to a report from UBS, a top global financial services firm, the soft launch of Reliance Jio 4G telecom service is expected by this month’s end and the full commercial rollout is expected by December this year.

“Contrary to market belief that Jio has started rolling out 4G SIMs commercially, our channel checks in Mumbai and Delhi suggest that although SIMs have been shipped to the retail outlets, they are not yet available for sale,” the consultancy said in a report.

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“At present, Jio SIM cards are only available to Reliance employees, post its beta launch in December 2015. Our speed test on trial SIM cards in Reliance outlets indicate network speed of 18-20 Mbps versus Vodafone’s 4G speed of 8-10 Mbps.”

The report further stated that initially roll-out bundled 4G will be offered with the LYF branded services and the 4G rollout on a standalone basis will only be carried out in the second half of 2016.

Meanwhile, other telecom industries have already rolled out their 4G services with Airtel as the frontrunner. Airtel launched its 4G services in 15 circles, Vodafone in 5 circles and Idea started in 575 towns across its 10 circles.

“We believe the delay in Jio launch has helped market leaders to strengthen their 4G offerings,” it added and suggested that the Indian telecom market may be overly concerned due to the disruptive impact of Jio, meanwhile ignoring the rapid growth of data in Indian mobile market. The report also predicted a nine times increase to $38bn in Indian market by 2026.

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Recently a report in RTN Asia suggested that Reliance Jio will launch its commercial 4G services in several states around the country in April.

The report further added that across the country Reliance Jio has 1.2 lakh 4G cell sites and as of now it has more LTE base stations in India than all other operators put together. Moreover, it stated that the firm has expanded its network to over 1 lakh villages and 18,000 towns and cities.