Hyderabad:  Changes made by the ministry of external affairs in issuing passports has made it easy for individual women who are either been stuck up in a false relationship or are rather facing marital disputes. Recent changes made in the application process of the passport by the ministry has provided a lot of benefits to the single parents and women.

As per the recent news, the changes that have been made by the ministry regarding the application process also involves seizing the passports of NRI husbands who have been legally charged with leaving their wives after marriage. For the same, the government has seized passports of five NRI husbands until now.

The first change made by the ministry in the norms is that while applying for a child’s passport it is not necessary to mention the names of both parents as the name of the single parent will be sufficient. Such a move by the ministry has made single parents apply for passports for their children. Adding more to the changes, from now onwards while filling a passport application form, the separated and divorced persons will not be asked to mention the name of their spouse.

Regarding this Dr E. Vishnu Vardhan Reddy, a regional passport officer, Hyderabad has mentioned that the changes that have been made in the application forms are in favour of women applicants. Since a lot of time passport office has been receiving applications regarding women facing problems with the current requirements of the documents and information being asked regarding the application forms which has thereby made the ministry to take such a step, he added.

“There is a drastic change in the application process especially for women who are divorced and are seeking passport for their minor children,” he said.

Before the recent changes that have been applied by the ministry, agreement of both the parents was mandatory for a single parent on the passport application of the children. But from Now, a single woman or an individual person can apply without the agreement of the spouse.

“The ministry of external affairs contacts the passport office when the passport of the alleged accused has to be impounded. The office receives cases at regular intervals and the decision is taken in favour of the women with regard to NRI husbands. Overall, the passport rules, with regard to issuing and impounding passports, give priority to the interests of women,” Mr Vishnu Vardhan Reddy said.