A team of divers from IMAS university of Tasmania has discovered a new kind of handfish. They were conducting reef life survey when a local reported that he has seen red handfish in the area. The researchers are of the view that it is one of the rarest kinds of fish in the world. Earlier, the researchers had found a population of handfish in the 1880s. But, this fish is a lot different than that population. This discovery has doubled the population of handfish on this planet. The divers have seen almost 20-40 fish at the bottom of the sea.

Here, it is worth mentioning that these fish walk on the sea floor. These are poor swimmers and walk with their hands. Antonia Cooper was the leader of the mission that had spent many hours in the sea. She says that they had spotted the red handfish just before they were planning to call off the mission. She tells that they were thinking to end the mission when a partner of us saw the red handfish. This fish was walking with the help of its fins when he spotted it.

She also says that after finding one, we focused our search area and found about 20-40 fish. She is also hopeful to discover some more handfish in the area. The team also noticed a lot of differences between the habitats of the first population and this new population. This means that they do not depend on some set of environmental conditions. Instead, they seem isolated. These grow from 2-5 inches in size. Due to minimum swimming powers, these fish can only wander in a limited area.

One of the scientists says that finding this second population is a huge relief. This is because it doubles the number that we think are on the planet.