Today, a rape case has been filed against a priest in Kayamkulam in Alappuzha district of  Kerala. As per the news sources, the priest belongs to the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church. The rape case has been filed by a married woman who has two children as a part of her family.

The women alleging the priest said that she was been raped brutally inside the church office in Koipally in 2014 by the priest when the priest called her in order to sort out a family matter. “They spoke for about half-an-hour regarding the family dispute. Then he closed doors and sexually assaulted her,” said a crime branch officer in charge of the investigation of this rape case.

Besides this police department of Alappuzha district of  Kerala said that the victim, which is a married woman and mother of two children even tried to contact the church regarding the brutal incident and complained against the priest which resulted in the priest been transferred to another church in Ranni in another district of  Kerala.  But even this kind of action taken by the victim didn’t help her as priest continued harassing her by sending her lewd messages and even started to spread rumours about her, said the officer in charge.

As per the recent news, under section 376 (2f) of the IPC,  a rape case now has been charged against Fr George and the case will now be investigated and will be under observation by the crime branch of the Kerala Police.

The case got attention recently when another married woman alleged four priests regarding sexual harassment and said that she was being blackmailed over a ‘confession’ that she made in the church and the four priests sexually assaulted her for many years. The priests have been filed against the rape case as well.

Regarding this, the woman’s husband said in an interview that the convicted priests should be defrocked in order to set an example in front of the community.