Hyderabad: On Friday, BJP president Amit Shah asked BJP leaders in Telangana state to fight against the “corrupt, undemocratic family rule” of the TRS government. Amit Shah during this even indicated that there won’t be any early polls that are going to happen and Lok Sabha elections will be held as scheduled in April/May 2019. Besides this Mr. Shah also gave a word that BJP will make the best possible efforts in order to initiate the construction of the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya before the elections.

As per our news resources, on Friday, a meeting was also organized by BJP president Amit Shah with party leaders and activists to make strategies and discuss what the members can actually do in order to make the party prepare for the upcoming elections.

Besides this, Mr. Shah also put allegations on TRS government regarding its indulgence in “minority vote bank politics” for which the government ranked up 12 percent quota for Muslims. He even said that such an act is not permissible under the Constitution. Regarding this, Mr. Shah demanded the party leaders to prepare themselves to fight alone in all the 119 Assembly and 17 Lok Sabha seats.

“You don’t need to bother about alliances now. The party’s national leadership will take a call on these issues at an appropriate time. You should be prepared to fight in all 119 Assembly and 17 Lok Sabha seats alone. Party in-charges should be appointed in all the constituencies. Take up party activities in all the constituencies every day till elections. Try to get closer to people by fighting against anti-people policies of TRS government. The national party leadership will extend all the support for all of you in this endeavor,” Mr. Shah said to the party members.

Our news reports further said that Mr. Shah had given his words to the party members and activists that he himself with  Prime Minister Narendra Modi would visit Telangana as frequently as possible in order to address public meetings before the 2019 elections. The meetings that were organized by Mr. Shah mainly focused to win 60 plus Assembly seats in Telangana to form a government on its own.

Besides the ‘Mission 60 Plus’ the meeting also holds the conversations regarding TRS moving closer to the MIM. On this Party leaders even discussed that with their present ties with the MIM, a pre-poll tie-up with the TRS is not possible.