Recently, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh said that Pakistan is trying to threaten India by infiltrating the terrorist across the Border. He said that we have given orders to all the security forces presented in Jammu and Kashmir that they will not initiate the firing from their side. But, if Pakistan provoked the security forces then they will start firing without even counting the bullets.

Rajnath Singh conveyed the information while giving orders to the armed forces that Pakistan is our neighbor country so don’t initiate fire from your side. But if even one bullet comes from their side then you should also fire the bullets without counting them.

While addressing a public meeting at Guntur, Rajnath Singh said that Pakistan is still infiltrating the terrorist into the country and we are prepared to take strict actions against each and every terrorist.

He added that Pakistan is trying to threaten us by sending terrorist. But all the credit goes to the army jawans and security forces and Jammu and Kashmir police. As all the three forces are quite active and they have a mutual coordination with each other. Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh further added that the forces are quite busy these days in eliminating the terrorists from Pakistan and are getting success.

He also referred the recent incident about the murder of two TDP Leaders by the Maoist in Andhra Pradesh, out of which one was MLA. On this matter, he said that we as ruling government is fully supporting the state government in fighting Maoists.

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh Said that Naxalism should be totally banned out from Andhra Pradesh and from India too. We are in full support of the State Government in this matter, he said while giving his condolence to the TDP Leaders that were killed in the incident.