With only two months left for the assembly elections to take place, Bhartiya Janta Party in Rajasthan in order to assure victory in the state has come out with a “constituency-specific strategy”.

As per the strategy, BJP has divided the assembly constituencies of the state into three categories. These categories are- category A, category B and category C. In the first category which is category A, the BJP has included the strongholds of the party of which the party is confident to win. On the other hand, the second category which is category B will include the seats that will have a mix chances to either win or lose while category C will hold the weaker section of the constituencies.

“There are about 70-80 seats where the party has rarely lost and these constituencies form the A category. Then, there are about 100 seats where the party has won as well as lost the elections in the past. In some of these seats, the margin of victory or loss has been very narrow,” a senior party leader, who did not wish to be named, said.

As per the sources, the BJP in category C has included only 20 seats and these are the candidates who in past two and three elections have faced successive defeats.

The leader of the Bhartiya Janta Party also revealed that the party has come up with this strategy as a result of the previous elections record and feedback received from ground-level party workers. The leader also added that the constituency- specific strategy will focus more on C and B category seats rather than focusing on the seats of category A as the motto of the party is to shift seats from C category to B category and B category to A category respectively.

While refusing to comment on the party’s constituency- specific strategy, state BJP president Madanlal Saini said, “Our assessment of any seat always takes into account the feedback received from the booth-level and other party workers. Our senior party leaders, both at the national level and state level, will be assigned different constituencies for leading the campaign as and when required. There is no reason why we should not be aiming to win all the 200 seats.”