Bhopal: On Thursday, BJP president Amit Shah took a jibe at Congress president Rahul Gandhi. Shah said that Mr Gandhi is suffering from “Modi-phobia” and that is the only reason why he keeps on chanting Prime Minister’s name all the time.

Shah while addressing a rally in Barwani indicated Congress president Rahul Gandhi and said that it is not at all the fault of Rahul Baba as PM Narendra Modi has taken over the hearts of commoners everywhere. Shah also asserted that Rahul Gandhi chants Modi-Modi almost all the times and sometimes it feels like Gandhi is addressing a BJP event rather than participating in a Congress rally.

Targeting the previous Congress government at the Centre, BJP chief Amit Shah attacked Gandhi and said, Mr Gandhi always asks about what NDA government had achieved during its tenure but he never talks about what the Congress has done for the country since it was in power for a decade.

While addressing rallies in Shajapur and Badnagar, Shah not only accused the previous Congress government at the Centre for not doing development during its period but Shah also questioned the opposition for not providing electricity, toilets and cooking gas supply in rural areas.

The BJP president also attacked the opposition party Congress for its stance on farmers’ issues. Amit Shah said, “Congress rakes up farmers’ issues in the highest possible pitch but let them answer what their governments did for peasants in the last 70 years.”

Shah informed that in Madhya Pradesh when Congress was in power, the farmers had to fight to buy essential supplies for their farms. On the other hand, during the period of Bhartiya Janta Party things have been made easier, Shah added.

Shah further informed, “The Congress government had distributed farm loans up to Rs 1,300 crore, but the BJP, after coming to power, extended farm loans to the tune of Rs 13,588 crore”. Shah also talked about the 129 schemes that the government has prepared for every section of society.

Shah at the end of his speech accused the UPA government of treating Madhya Pradesh with a step-motherly treatment for more than 10 years.
Shah claimed the 13th Finance Commission had allotted Rs 1,34,190 crore to the state since BJP came to power.