Except for the southern part of the country, rest of the Indian population favors Prime Minister Narendra Modi over Rahul Gandhi as the next Prime Minister of the country, says Data submitted by the Political Stock Exchange (PSE).

As per the track record report from the PSE, it is shown that almost 46 percent of the Indian population supported Prime Minister Modi for the second term of Assembly Elections and on the other hand 32 percent favors Rahul Gandhi. The remaining 22 percent population is confused between the two.

According to this report, it is pretty much clear that PM Modi is getting more popularity in the North, East, and West India. Rahul Gandhi, however, favored by South India has left Modi’s popularity in the south. In the North India PM Modi gained support from the 45 percent population and Rahul Gandhi preferred by only 27 Percent. If we compare the data from the East, the PM received 50 percent preferences in compare to his competitor Rahul who got the support of 25 percent. And the ratio between two is 52:33 percent in the west, as per the study of PSE.

It is a clear indication that Rahul Gandhi is a more preferred candidate over PM Modi in the Southern Part of India. In southern India, the Congress chief Rahul Gandhi won by 40 percent of support in comparison to PM Modi 37 percent support. Now the question arises that who is going to be the next prime minister of India.

Though PM Modi is leading in the chase, there is a noticeable downfall in his popularity said the Psychologist Yogendra Yadav. He said that it is pretty visible that Narendra Modi is leading ahead of Rahul Gandhi. As per the data of the year 2014, that time the popularity graph of Modi was almost double from Rahul, Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi combined. But in a previous year in May 2017, the popularity of PM was three times higher than of Rahul, Sonia and Manmohan combined together. Currently, it is just one-and-a-half times. If we talk about the government popularity it is nowhere equals to what it was in last year, Said Yadav.