The Controller of Examination and two others were suspended after the Directorate of Vigilance and Anti-Corruption (DVAC) inspected and dug out the re-evaluation scam.

Ignoring the rules along with the career of students, the illegal work was performed. The exam controller along with few others was suspended over charges of irregularities stated in the rechecking of answer sheets of engineering exams.

The give and take game of money and marks lifted the marks of students in one paper (in April/ May 2017 exam) from 5 to 77 after re-evaluation.

The FIR lodged by DVAC states that Uma, who was an Information Technology professor along with nine other teachers took the bribe of Rs 10,000 from each student and ensured them for the success in re-evaluation.

As per information released by TOI, It had been reported that around 3,02,380 students applied for revaluation out of which 73,733 passed, and about 16,636 got enhanced marks in the re-checking done during August 2017. The professors improved the marks of the students who paid bribes.

“It signifies how one has to chase and find out who the examiner-in-charge of re-evaluating your paper would be, paying the bribe and getting a pass mark”, a student of Anna University said.

Vice-Chancellor MK Surappa showed deep grief for such undertakings and said that malpractices had occurred outside the campus. Evidence proves the involvement of Uma and two more professors, including the Dean. They would even investigate if there were any involvement of former students.

He further added that it was a web which was against the norms and ethics of the profession. They were trying to breach these practices and are taking all necessary steps to end it. They had also formed a team to investigate the issues and it would submit the report soon.

Anna University has previously been a part of such malpractices. It clutched the attention in 2012 when the two professors confessed that they have upgraded the marks of few students due to pressure from top officials. The professors were suspended but later no actions were taken due to lack of evidence against them.

Education is meant to increase knowledge but everything turns into ashes if Educator like these performs such activities for few bucks.