On Thursday, Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi took part in the ASEAN-India Breakfast Summit which was held in Singapore and mentioned the need for maritime cooperation. PM Modi also talked about the centrality of trade for the affluence of the considered Indo-Pacific region. Prime Minister Narendra Modi started his two-day visit plan to Singapore on Wednesday by conveying his significant speech at one of the esteemed Fintech Festival.

Prime Minister Modi participated in the several bilateral meetings with the senior leaders of Singapore, Australia, and Thailand and also indulged in a dialogue with them in which they discussed the different methods by which they can further strengthen ties in the areas of trade, defence, and security.

Spokesperson Raveesh Kumar, Ministry of External Affairs tweeted that, “PM Narendra Modi participated at ASEAN-India Breakfast Summit in Singapore. Prime Minister also discussed the cooperation in maritime area and centrality of trade and investment towards the success of the Indo-Pacific.”

Modi also tweeted regarding his presence in the meeting, Modi said that he had a great interaction with ASEAN leaders at the ASEAN-India Informal Breakfast Summit. Modi further added, “we are happy because the relation with ASEAN are strengthening and are playing a great key role to a peaceful and flourishing planet.”

The topic about the Indo-Pacific region was discussed on Wednesday between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the US Vice President Mike Pence. PM Modi mentioned his speech which he gave in June in Singapore at IISS Shangrila Dialogue. In the speech, he had highlighted India’s visualization on Indo-Pacific.

Prime Minister Modi further expressed toMr  Pence that his dream regarding the Indo-Pacific was achieving a lot of adequacies. Modi asked Mr Pence to utilize the opportunity of this platform of East Asia summit to further encourage it. Mr Pence also agreed about it and said that India’s contribution in ensuring this would be important.

Pense further added that the recent naval exercises which were organized by the US, India, and Japan acted as a proof of the promise and ensured free and open access to the seas all across this region.