Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi is all set to lay the foundation of the 354-kilometer Purvanchal Expressway that will connect Lucknow and Gazipur. The laying off the foundation of 8-lane expressway date has been finalized on July 14th in Azamgarh. The news has been confirmed by the BJP chief of UP Mahendra Nath Pandey today while making a media appearance where he spelt out the itinerary upcoming programmes going to take place in the state by Narendra Modi.

He was reported saying that the prime minister of India, Modi is all set to go to Azamgarh for the foundation of the Purvanchal Expressway and also make a public appearance at the event. Later, the next day, Modi will head towards Mirzapur and on July 21st, he will be attending a Kisaan Kalyan rally that will be held in Shahjahanpur. Narendra Modi is heading towards UP for the welfare and development of farmers and this will be his main motive during his stay in UP for the next few days.

There have been arrangements made for his arrival across the state and people here are happy to welcome him because the motive of his arrival is sensitive and it needs to be considered. Authorities have taken up the responsibilities to take very good care of the prime minister during his stay in UP, as stated by the BJP chief of UP.

Basically, the expressway is of 6-lane that can be extended to 8-late later is the expressway that will connect Lucknow and Gazipur. The project is expected to finish in the next 36 months, though the state government is determined to finish the work in a matter of 24 months only. This expressway when completed will be able to lessen the travel time for travellers between Lucknow to Gazipur.