Like last year, PM Modi again provides a platform for the common people to share their suggestions and inputs for the speech of Independence Day.

Mr Modi on Tuesday asked citizens for their ideas and suggestions for Independence Day Speech, which will be shared at the Red Fort in Delhi.

He tweeted “What are your thoughts and ideas for my 15th August speech? Share them with me on a specially created forum on the Narendra Modi App.

You can also share them on MyGov.

I look forward to receiving your fruitful inputs in the coming days.”

People have started giving their opinions. Some want to talk about the fake news, mob lynching, reservation and caste while some recommended to include the issues of sex assaults, harassment and crimes in the Independence day speech.

The growing number of suggestions unwrap the truth that people love connecting with the Prime Ministers.

Satyanarayana Subramaniam wrote on the open forum on MyGov-“ on the problems faced by common man in GST, the late filing fees, penalty, malfunctioning of GST site and common man being penalised. Also changes you propose to the system of filing returns, Late filing occurs due to payment offline thru other banks and then the requirement of filing. instead, why not make it simple, amount of tax calculated and paid to be treated as the return filed (sic)” (source: ht)

The Modi Govt. after whacking no-confidence motion, wiping out the rafale-deal indictments and enacting necessary laws is all set to host the flag on the Independence day.

Independence day has been always observed as the most important day of any Indian. This day reminds us of the struggle and pain which our freedom fighters suffered, to enable us to fly like a free bird. This year we will celebrate the 71st Independence Day.

The Modi Govt had already gifted so much to the country. The strict laws against the rape convicts, laws for fugitive criminals, corruption prohibition law and finally coming up with NRC step will contribute in blooming the country.