Prime Minister Narendra Modi today came up with a new move regarding the development of our country. He said that the Gujarati Patel community was popularly known as  “hotel-motel Patel wallas” can become a great leader with respect to promoting India in the US. Narendra Modi further said that regarding tourism promotion of India in US the, hotel can put slides regarding our country on their hotel televisions in order to promote awareness about Indian Tourism.

In his speech, PM Modi further mentioned Saurashtra Patel Cultural Samaj of the US via video-conference, and advised NRI ’s to influence some of the foreign families which are either in their circle or are in touch with them to visit India to give a push to Indian tourism.

Modi even indicated towards the Kumbh Mela and said that as this year Kumbh Mela will be organized in our country so NRIs can influence people to take out some time from their busy schedule and visit this unique gathering which is going to be organized in our country.

“You are known as the people of ‘hotel-motel Patel wallas’. Whenever you get a guest in your hotel or motel, why don’t you put a few slides of India on TV? When the guests turn on the TV they will be able to see what India is,” Modi said.

Talking about the history of Patel community, it is basically a Gujarat based community which is into the hospitality industry in the US for quite a long time. According to an article in the Smithsonian magazine in 2014, 50 per cent of America’s motels are owned by Indian Americans, and out of the 70 per cent are owned by Patels.

Besides this PM Modi even indicated some other things in his statements and said that “There are elements in our neighbourhood who tried to defame us all over the world. For the last five to seven decades they adopted various means, they used the money. They have only one job and that is to defame Hindustan. We had seen that many people from many parts of the world were standing with them. But the situation has changed now as the world is standing with us and only a few people are with them. The entire world has now accepted our point of view on terrorism”. PM Modi said this without taking the name of Pakistan.

“The people of world who come in contact with person of Indian origin have seen that you contribute to the growth of their country, you do not create problems, wherever our children are, in school or colleges, the authorities there are sure that they will be toppers and our doctors have created an image of being sincere and hard-working people,” Modi further added to his statement.