Kota: On Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi targeted a fresh attack over former United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government. PM Modi accused the UPA government of laundering Rs 90,000 crore when it was in power. Modi also briefed that the money which earlier went into the pockets of the corrupt people has now been saved since the NDA government came into power.

While addressing a rally regarding the upcoming assembly polls in Rajasthan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the NDA government made all the efforts during its rule and put a command over corruption in the country.

“When we came to power, we began investigations and put a check on corruption. Nearly Rs. 90,000 crore of money which earlier went into the pockets of the corrupt has been saved,” Prime Minister Modi said.

Besides this PM Modi also targeted UPA chief Sonia Gandhi and accused her of running a remote control government when the party was in power.

While addressing the rally in Kota ahead of the Assembly elections in the state, PM Modi said, “When madam (Sonia Gandhi) used to run the government with remote control, the girl that was not even born was widowed on government papers, given pensions. The family that did not exist was given ration card; the kid that was not even born was given a scholarship in schools.”

Amidst his speech at the rally, Modi thanked the voters for voting the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to power in 2014, Lok Sabha polls.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also talked about the efforts and the initiatives taken by the central and state government for the development of the country and welfare of the people. He also conveyed the future plans that the government have thought for Kota. PM Modi termed Kota as the “education hub” and revealed that the city will soon be upgraded to Smart City.

Our news sources have reported that earlier in the day PM Modi addressed a rally in Banswara and Bhilwara in Rajasthan and accused the Congress of ignoring the tribal community.

The Assembly elections in Rajasthan will take place on December 7 and the results for the same will come out on December 11.