On Thursday, Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani said that the present government is following the way that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has shown the state forward to development.

Rupani was present at the India Today State of the States Conclave in New Delhi. While addressing the event on Thursday he said, “The earthquake that hit Kuchh [in 2001] almost destroyed the whole state. We thought the state would go 20 years back in terms of growth and development. But the people showed courage. We emerged. Girkar uthhna humaari taaqat rahi hai [to stand back to prosper and grow after being devastated has been our strength].”

Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani further added to his speech and said that the then chief minister, Narendra Modi, led the way. He continued to say that Narendra Modi showed us the path at the time and the present government is just following the same path in order to come out of the disaster that the state faced years back.

Rupani also conveyed that PM Modi at that time was surrounded with numerous challenges but he is a man with a big heart and therefore he strived. The people also strived and made the state what it is today, he added.

On January 26, 2011, Gujarat faced a huge destruction because of the earthquake that hit the state and lasted for over two minutes. The Gujarat earthquake which was 7.7 on the moment magnitude scale not only killed around 20,000 people and injured more than 1,50,000, but it caused a huge destruction of public and government property as well.

Rupani, at the event, further said, “We are moving ahead with a vision. That’s why despite these challenges, we have excelled in attracting investments, export, and infrastructure. Ours is an inclusive culture, an inclusive economy and we are proud of it, Rupani added.