Prime Minister Narendra Modi Today referred the Demonetisation move as a bitter medicine which helped the government to get the corrupted money back into the banking system. Besides this, it was one of the effective treatments to treat the corruption from its root cause in the country.

While addressing an election rally in Chhattisgarh’s Jhabua, where the assembly election will be held on November 28, PM Modi said, note ban move was like a poisonous medicine to treat corruption in the country.

Due to the Demonetisation move, those people who were involved in the money corruption and were hiding the money under beds, offices, and factories, are now paying tax on every single Rupee they are earning and we are using that money for the welfare of the common man, PM Modi said.

Modi also advised the farmers of the Madhya Pradesh to not get lured by the loan waiver Promises made by the Congress party, Modi conveyed the farmers that they are trying to fool you all. PM added that the opposition party promised the farmers in Karnataka to struck off their loans before the assembly election but they are now preparing to send people to jail, Said Prime Minister Modi. On the other hand, the BJP Government is planning to double the income of the farmers by 2022.

Prime Minister said that under the scheme of Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana, we have distributed the loans to 14 crore people. Modi added that whatever we have achieved in four Years the Congress would not be able to do it in 10 years.

Modi said while pointing out the Congress party that you all must have remembered the time when Congress was ruling the Madhya Pradesh and the condition of the people of the state was very poor. Hence, the state does not deserve the government like Congress which never thinks about the state’s welfare.

PM Modi attacked Congress and said Congress is ‘Madam ki Sarkar’ (Madam’s government) and ‘remote control wali sarkar’ (A remote-controlled government). “I am living for the 125 crore people of the country and working for their benefits but the Congress is not able to digest the fact”, said PM Modi.