Prime Minister Narendra Modi again brought the attention of the people towards his government’s commitment to double the income of farmers by the year 2022. PM Modi said that there are unique ways and technologies which will help the government achieve this.

Prime Minister Modi said that the farmers of the country are playing a key role in the development of the country. And the NDA government is also working effectively on the issues related to agriculture by not practising the old techniques to solve the agriculture problems. PM Modi conveyed this via video conference at the launch of the three-day Krishi Kumbh 2018 at the Indian Institute of Sugarcane Research (IISR), Lucknow.

PM Modi further added that our government has promised to double the income of the farmers by the year 2022. The idea would be kam lagat, adhik aay (less cost, more income) and are using exceptional ways and scientific methods in farming said, PM Modi. In three days of the time period the agricultural scientist and experts will we be taking 14 technical sessions at the Krishna Kumbh. Near about 25,000 farmers are likely to participate in the sessions.

Stating about the significance of the Krishi Kumbh, PM said that if the word Kumbh is attached with any plan then its value becomes bigger. As such the meaning of the word Kumbh is an endless stream of humanity, thinking and discussion and the important thing is that the Krishi Kumbh will be able to achieve this culture and feeling, Modi asserted.

PM Modi also assured that in the three days session, the idea and ways to opportunities with technology will come up. Two states Haryana and Jharkhand are partner states in the Krishi Kumbh, on the other side Japan and Israel are partner countries. Israel is well equipped with new methods of irrigation. Japan is also working extensively in the area of agricultural technologies.