Prime Minister Modi shared about the positive aspects of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and informed about the major initiatives taken by the government in the last four years for establishing the Fourth Industrial Revolution in India.

Mr Modi assured that the centre of the Fourth Industrial Revolution would “open the door to infinite possibilities for the future.”

Mr Modi said “Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Blockchain, Big Data and several other new technologies have the capacity to take development in India to new heights… Coordination among diverse technologies is leading to 4th Industrial Revolution.” highlighting that the revolution would breed new changes in our lives due to the Internet and the resulting smart technologies.

The Centre to be established in Maharashtra, India becomes the Forth in the chain after San Francisco in the US, Tokyo in Japan and Beijing in China, where it’s already functioning. In India, NITI Ayog would collaborate to establish the centre and coordinate in partnership on behalf of the government.

The World Economic Forum describes the centre as “hub for global, multistakeholder cooperation to develop policy frameworks and advance collaborations that accelerate the benefits of science and technology.” in its website. The World Economic Forum is the one which has initiated the industrial revolution.

The WEF informed about the two major area to be focused in the initial stage. The major areas of emerging technology which would grab attention are artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Prime Minister said that India is on a track of big changes and government is aiming to install about 32,000 wifi hotspots in rural areas under the mission of making turning the country into Digital India.

Rhyming the paean of achievements, Mr Modi shared that before his government came in power only 59-gram panchayats were connected to optical fibre but since he was in power more than 1 lakh gram panchayats are connected to optical fibres. He added that his government has set up the target to connect all 2.5 lakh panchayats.