As a continuation of Digital India campaign, PM Modi launched a new smartphone based application “BHIM Aadhaar” today. This application, named after peer of Indian Constitution Dr. Bhim Rao, will change the payment method in the country. This application, based on biometric verification, will facilitate the payments through thumb impression. An Aadhaar number, linked to the bank account, will be issued to every app user. Currently, 27 main banks and more than 3 lakh merchants are registered with the app. It’s really great beginning for the Bhim app.

This app will make your cashless transactions easy and stop the business of black money to some extent. You do not have to carry cash, cards, and remember pin codes for any purchase. Instead, you can pay through this app installed on the smart device.

The method of using this app is quite easy. Every new user will be issued an Aadhaar number on first-time registration. The merchant will install an app on his smart device. After any purchase, you will have to fill that number in the BHIM Aadhaar app in his smart device and give a thumb impression for verification. It will automatically connect to your bank account enabling you to make the required payment.

The economists and money specialists are thinking it as a landmark to Digital India. This app will relieve merchants of purchasing POS machines and receive payments through a complex method. It will also relieve customers of the risk to fetch money or remember pin codes for credit or debit cards. It has also saved a lot of fees and taxes paid for transactions through cards.

This application is available both on Google play store and Apples’ app store free of cost. PM Modi has also introduced the referral and reward programs to encourage payments through this method. A referrer will receive Rs.10 if the referred person makes three successful transactions. The referred person will also be entitled to a bonus of Rs.25 of first registration.