Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended the 56th annual convocation of IIT-Bombay on August 11, 2018. He appreciated the faculties and congratulated the student of the University. He denoted IIT as “world’s largest pools of technical manpower”

He emphasized the contribution of the Indian Institute of technology and said that it had built brand India globally by supplying most capable technical manpower.

He said:  “Innovation is the buzz-word of the 21st century. Any society that does not innovate will stagnate. That India is emerging as a hub for start-ups shows the thirst for innovation. We must make India the most attractive destination for innovation and enterprise”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi even shared that the country is proud of the  IITs and its graduates as it had led to the emergence of engineering colleges across the country.

Mr Modi shared his words with the students and said that innovation and enterprise would help in the development and growth of the economy of a country. It should be the foundation stone of the new developed India. He requested students to innovate in India, innovate for humanity. Students should not leave any stone unturned for the development of the country. They should innovate solution for mitigating climate change and ensure better agricultural productivity, work on cleaner energy and water conservation, combat malnutrition and effective waste management.No sector should be untouched which could hinder the path of progress.

Prime Minister said that student receives the best education system offered by govt under the shadow of IIT. Student represents the diversity of the country. The multi-culture belonging students were merged in the campus to receive the best knowledge and learning. IIT was India’s Instrument for Transformation. He hopes that best ideas would come from Indian laboratories and from Indian students.

Narendra Modi stated that the new innovative ideas don’t plant in the govt buildings, it gathers from youth. Govt couldn’t make changes alone, it requires the innovative mind of youths. The new ideas bulge out from campuses of young students.

PM Modi also inaugurated the centre for environmental science and engineering and new building of the department of energy science and engineering at IIT Bombay after the convocation ceremony was over