The new plagiarism regulations will take away the job of teachers and student’s registration if research work filters out to be copied.

The Ministry of Human Resource Development notified about the new regulations which were drafted by the University Grants Commission, got approved on March 20.

The new regulation draft got approved by the HRD ministry states that “reserves the right to remove difficulty/difficulties in the course of implementations of these regulations in consultation with the Government of India/Ministry of Human Resource Development”.

The new regulation draft holds four level of plagiarisms for a student. Level “0” holds similarities up to 10% is calculated as minor, thus no penalty will be charged. Level “1” states that similarities above 10% to 40%, the student will be asked to submit revived script within a fixed time period, not more than 6 months. Level “2” shares that similarities more than 40% to 60%, the student shall be prohibited from presenting a revised script for one year. The last level i.e Level “3” holds that similarities above 60% will cancel the registration of the programme.

The penalties for teachers are also on three levels. Level “1” shares that similarities above 10% to 40 %, shall be asked to withdraw manuscript. Level “2” states that similarities above 40% to 60 %, has to withdraw manuscript, denied right to one annual increment, not to be allowed to be a supervisor to any new scholar for a period of two years. Level “3” includes that similarities above 60 %, has two withdraw two successive annual increments, not to be allowed to supervise any new scholar for three years.

The complaint against the HEI will be taken seriously following a proper action in line with the regulations by the head of HEI.

The new regulations drafted that member of the academic community must report the case of plagiarism along with the proper evidence to the Departmental Academy Panel. The department will go through the proper investigation and will submit the recommendation to the Institutional Academic Integrity Panel of Higher Education Institutions.