To ensure the opportunity for the involvement of the private section, the Indian Railways took a new initiative and launched a new portal “Rail Sahyog” to invite private firms to contribute (Corporate Social Responsibility) funds for building better infrastructure and network of the railways.

Railway Minister Piyush Goyal launched the new website – which invites the private firms to invest for railways in constructing passenger amenities. The Railway minister has initiated five projects for CSR purposes which include building toilets in circulating areas of stations for better hygiene, dustbins at stations for cleanliness, plastic bottle crushing machines at stations to ensure environmental sustainability, waiting halls for senior citizens and divyangjan and stainless steel benches at stations , providing free wifi educational rural area development which will even have provision for a kiosk which provides e-services etc.

With the initiation of a new concept for the involvement of private sector, the Indian Railways is targeting to upgrade its infrastructure, technology and hygiene for contributing in the dream and vision of Prime Minister for having ‘New India by 2022’.

As per the information provided by Piyush Goyal-led Indian Railway, the new collaboration will potentially utilise the CSR funds with “certainty of impact for every rupee spent”.

The CSR guidelines provided by the Railway Board also ensures that CSR partners could also opt to fund or provide any other amenity, facility or service at railway stations or the surrounding areas to upgrade the current railway network.

Even PSUs (Public Sector Undertakings) and institutions can become part of the development and up-gradation of an infrastructure of Indian Railways.

The company law in 2014 mandated that businesses which are earning annual revenues of over Rs 10 billion should give 2% of their net profit for charity. Even the national transporter proposed a framework to encourage CSR participation by private firms, PSUs and institutions in Indian Railways projects.

The new initiation by the Indian Railway will surely bring modernity and advancement in Indian Railways.