The Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal once again grabbed the attention of the nation as a photograph of him with Prabha Munni, who is accused of running a human trafficking racket got highlighted and went viral on social media.

In a photograph, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) chief can be observed sitting next to the human trafficking accused.

The team of West Delhi Police arrested Prabha Munni as a suspect of human trafficking. She had been selling girls in big cities and was currently living in West Punjabi Bagh Delhi.

Police claimed that the accused human trafficker Prabha Munni is Rs 25,000 rewarded fugitive.

A police officer said “The accused person along with her husband Rohit Muni was wanting in a case of 2013. Rohit is still absconding. Jharkhand Police has declared a reward of Rs 25,000 each on their arrest.”

Prabha Munni, who is seen beside Delhi Chief Minister in a photograph, has been accused of executing human trafficking under the shadow of her NGO. The accused used to trap the young woman in Jharkhand by offering them jobs and once the women reached Delhi, they were sold as part of the human trafficking racket. Prabha Munni has been charged under a number of cases in Jharkhand.

It is still not clear that how many females had been trapped by Prabha Munni and thrown into the web of human trafficking.

Anju Prabha, the human trafficker was arrested on September 25. She had remained absconding for over five years. Currently, she is under the custody of Jharkhand Police, sources revealed.

The photograph of Mr Arvind Kejriwal beside the Prabha Munni went viral on social media just one day after the accused was arrested by police from Punjabi Bagh area of the Delhi.

The latest photograph of Mr Arvind Kejriwal with the accused may trap him in a new controversy.