Hasmukh Adhia, the finance secretary of India recently opened up about the failure of GST program. He clearly stated that it cannot be considered as the failure of GST program rather it is the failure of the technological department. He also clarified that the above statement had nothing to do in the context of people working under the technological categories. He also added people had given their best rather it is the technology which needs to be updated very soon.

If we go into the details of the facts and figures, the GST was introduced on 1st of July on 2017. It had been a complete year or even more and surprisingly about 50% of the business is facing problems in logging in and submitting information on GST. Lots of people feel that the introduction of GST is very time consuming and apparently a slow process, and moreover, it becomes expensive too. In the coming, the filing system problem is to be sorted by introducing one file system. Betterment in the execution of the program is expected in the coming year.

There is a necessity of including petrol under GST. Currently, petrol, diesel, crude oil, natural gases are not under GST and value-added tax can be imposed on them.  “The civil aviation ministry had also insisted finance ministry include the fuels under goods and service tax. “ the finance secretary said. And hence he clearly showcased his intention of bringing fuels under goods and tax service. He further said, “We have struggled a lot for a better system but that does not mean we are done. There is a lot more to be done for a better system to be achieved. We are just trying to make the entire refund process automatic and we entirely understand the necessity of simplification of rate and slabs and it would be surely sorted out by time. Though there is no betterment observed so far but it is surely beneficial in long-term,” he said.