Recently, a subsidiary(One97 Communications Limited) of digital payment leader, Paytm has announced that the company is going to launch Paytm AI Cloud for India. The firm also revealed that its AI cloud computing platform will be in partnership with global tech leader Alibaba. Besides this, One97 Communication will take on FreshWorks and Zoho Corp and will come up with an array of business-centric apps for organizations, sources revealed.

Paytm also announced that the about to launch AI-powered cloud computing platform will not only target developers, startups, and enterprises but will also come up with several business-centric apps in order to satisfy business needs of some organizations. The firm also stated that these apps will help business organizations to automate their workflow, integrate payments, and provide messaging and customer engagement tools without the hassle of managing hardware and software.

Amidst this Paytm also revealed in a statement that with the AI-powered cloud computing platform the firm will be able to store data of consumers in the servers that are located in India. Besides this, there is also a news that the digital company will also come up with enterprise-messaging solutions in partnership with DingTalk.

Speaking on the reasons behind the foray, Sujit Kumar Mishra, Vice President, Paytm, said, “Every new-age organization needs access to infrastructure to quickly sandbox their ideas, run through multiple experiments, and iterate hypothesis without worrying about managing their infrastructure. They need growth engines to acquire customers, engage one-on-one with customers and require AI to predict their business. With these, they also need better collaboration and workflow automation tools to become more productive and efficient.”

Sujit also added that the new platform will save time and money of business organizations which will ultimately help them to focus more on building products. The vice president also said that the company ensures the privacy of customers data that are stored locally and are not accessible by any third party or investors.