LUCKNOW:  While travelling with Awadh Express a passenger got suspicious after noticing the reactions and behaviour of 26 girls that were in his coach and looked underage, so he sent a tweet regarding the situation.

As per the news sources, Adarsh Srivastav who was travelling with Awadh Express as a passenger noticed some suspicious activities regarding 26 underaged girls and suspected that the situation can be related to human trafficking and tweeted that, the girls were feeling insecure and some of them were even crying as well.

Adarsh Srivastav in his tweet tagged Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Railway Minister Piyush Goyal, Uttar Pradesh State Railways Minister Manoj Sinha and UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath so that an immediate action could be taken up regarding the suspicious activities he suspected in his coach S5 of Awadh Express.

“His presence of mind was beneficial in tracking the location as he tweeted about the suspicion of human trafficking and the name of the arriving two stations which were Hari Nagar and Gorakhpur, respectively. Officials immediately got alert and within half an hour of the tweet started investigating the matter”, a railway spokesperson tweeted.

As soon as the tweet gained attention, the superintendent of the Government Railway Police at Gorakhpur immediately referred the situation and the case to the Gorakhpur GRP station. Besides this within few minutes of the tweet, the government officials in Lucknow and Varanasi came into action and started the investigation regarding the case in full swing. In order to cover the situation from every corner and to hold the grip on the case, Gorakhpur Railway Police coordinated with the organisation Childline and the anti-trafficking unit of the police.

To maintain secrecy regarding the situations  ‘Two jawans’ from the Railway Protection Force boarded the train in plain clothes at Kaptanganj, Uttar Pradesh, and took the girls to Gorakhpur, says one of our sources.

“The girls were found with two men, aged 22 and 55 years and all of them are from West Champaran in Bihar. The girls were being taken from Narkatikyaganj to Idgah. When questioned, the girls were unable to answer anything convincingly, so they have been handed over to the child welfare committee”, said the government officials.

As per the news sources, both the men have been arrested by the police officers and the family of the girls have been informed regarding the situation.