Image Source: Android Authority

OnePlus 5T is in the news for the last few days. The first leaked image of the device show bezel-less display. Yesterday, some leaked teaser images of the device had also surfaced. These teaser images are also focusing on full-screen display. Thus, we can say that OnePlus will also follow the industry trend of 18:9 aspect ratios in this upcoming device. These leaked images also suggest that OnePlus 5T will have a larger display than its predecessor OnePlus 5. The company had launched this device a few months ago. If these leaks prove true, OnePlus 5T would be the largest device from the company so far.

As per the rumors, OnePlus 5T will feature a 6-inch Full HD+ display with 1080X2160 pixels resolution. To make the display wider and larger, the company has shifted the fingerprint scanner to the back of the device. Here, it is important to mention that all the older devices from the company have the fingerprint scanner embedded in home button at the front. The leaked images also show that OnePlus 5T will have an aluminum frame body with bottom speakers.

The leaks also suggest that the device may have a larger battery than its predecessor. OnePlus 5 has 3500mAh battery on the back. Still, many tech experts are of the view that the company will not change the dimensions of the device for this larger display. This means that OnePlus 5T will have a larger display in the body with the same dimensions like OnePlus 5. There may also be a possibility that the users will be able to use the company’s older accessories with this new device.

The company has not even confirmed the development of the device. But, the increasing leaks and renders of the device show that the official announcement is imminent. Moreover, the history of the company also proves that it has always launched an upgraded version of the devices.