OnePlus is famous for pushing frequent updates to its devices. The company has released a new update for its latest device OnePlus 5. This update will bring EIS to the device which is helpful in 4K video recording. Moreover, the update also fixes some gaming issues that many users are complaining. It will also fix the WIFI crash issues in the device and much more sound related issues. The company has boasted that this update will enhance the battery life of the devices. The update version 4.5.7 brought some battery issues to the device.

The company has pushed this 4.5.8 soon after withdrawing the update version 4.5.7. The company released that update in July. But soon after its release, the users revealed that it had some battery issues. It also vowed with the users to bring next update to fix this battery issue. And now, the Chinese tech giant has fulfilled the promise by pushing the new version of the update. This update will prove stable for the device. The company has also included a new font for OnePlus 5 in this update package.

The update will hit the devices as OTA in coming days. But if you cannot wait, go to settings menu and check for the update manually. Here, one thing to keep in mind is that always go for the update when there is a battery juice of more than 50%. The update is also available through Google drive and on the official page of the company.

OnePlus 5 is the flagship device from the company. After the launch, the users reported that it had no EIS support. The 4K recording seemed impossible without this feature. The company assured the users to bring this feature through an update. Earlier, it released 4.5.7 to push EIS feature. To solve the standby battery issues, the company has now pushed the 4.5.8 version.