On Friday, A 48-year-old NRI businessman died falling from the terrace of Taj Mansingh hotel in Lutyens’ Delhi. Delhi police have reported that the NRI businessman died as he accidentally fell from the terrace garden of the hotel.

Delhi police during the investigation found out that the 48-year-old NRI businessman, Narrender A Mangalam was a resident of Maryland in the US who went to the terrace garden of the hotel in order to relieve himself as he was drunk. He might have lost the balance and have fallen down from the terrace garden of the hotel, Delhi police added.

As per our news sources, Narrender A Mangalam checked into the hotel around 2.30 am on November 7 and he was going to check out from Taj Mansingh hotel on November 8. But before he could check out he was found dead around 11.45 pm on November 7.

Police even informed that the terrace garden which was located two levels above the lobby did not have a boundary wall or grill. When Mangalam reached the terrace garden looking for a place to urinate he lost his balance as he was drunk and fall from the boundary.

Any situation that may have lead to foul play in the scene has been ruled out as the police has recovered liquor bottles from his room. On the other hand, Mr Mangalam’s mother who is a resident of Bengaluru has arrived in Delhi. While Mangalam’s family in the US will reach Delhi Today.

After the incident took place, the hotel has passed a statement in which the hotel extended condolences to the victim’s family.

“There has been an unfortunate incident and we extend our deep condolences to the family. We are cooperating with the authorities and extending our full support,” a statement from the Indian Hotel Company Limited, which manages the hotel, said.