Time never remains the same and even choices. Pakistan shocked almost all countries by its polls. The number of votes clicked in favour of Imran Khan will emerge a new Pakistan it will be Imran’s Pakistan.

As per the counting and results, PTI turned to be largest leading Party. It is led by former cricketer and turned Politician Imran Khan.

The delay in the final result has been reported due to some technical faults whereas the opposition claimed it as a part of the conspiracy.

Pakistan has been country which is called as the motherland of Terrorism by most of the countries. It had been around 70 years of its Split from India and it only maintained the rivalry attitude with India.

The final results will be issued b on he afternoon of Thursday.

The Pakistan Muslim League head Mr Shahbaz Sharif denied the result and even Ex-Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif showed the fear that countings had been shadowed with conspiracy.

Of course, the expected turn has smashed the predictions of the rivals. Pakistan has been a country which secured the story of  29 Prime Minister but no one had completed their tenure.

The longest- tenure -award was grabbed by Yousaf Raza Gillani with 50 Months and 2 days. The Previous Prime Minister had a tenure of 1 month only. This country had been under the Miltary rule for 3 times.

This time the elections had been under good surveillance but the claims of the oppositions have raised questions on the election administration. It has been reported that approx 371,000 soldiers have been commissioned at polling stations across the country to ensure no illegal activities are grounded.

Election official Yaqoob assured that proper investigation would be taken on the complained areas and procedures would be taken if found valid.

Mr Khan countered the allegations and said he had not been illegally supported by the Military. The elections and results are completely fair and out of reach from all sort of corruptions.

The most interesting part in this election is that Hafeez Saeed’s MML party which participated under the banner of AAT has secured no votes till now.

It is the obvious activity expected by the oppositions in any elections. Let’s see that if Imran holds the crown then how long he breathes in this Post as the history of Pakistan sings the rhyme of incomplete tenure.