Vijay, a Coimbatore-based software engineer and designer had discovered and developed a humanoid robot, which can dance, sing and perform for others. He also tells that the robot performs amazing tasks and this can become a very useful development in every field. Besides this, the robot can also be used in the banking sector or at the airports as well. He also notifies that the Humanoid Robot can teach the students in schools as well.

He tells that the robot can manage the details of flights at the airport and can also be work in the restaurants. The new development by Vijay is calling to be great and can get a new change in the working centers. In the interview, Vijay says that he had not developed this to replace human beings from the different working areas. He tells that it can modify the working sector which is going to be amazing to capture.

He also speaks about demonetization and says that the country is leading to become cashless and hence the people are going to open their bank accounts. He says that in such situation, the people can get a big help from the robot. It can tell the details to them and help them in opening a bank account as well. He added that the robot can greet the customers in the bank and assist them personally.

The key features of the robot made it more special. The robot can entertain the people and can also serve people in the restaurant. Vijay also tells that the humanoid robot can also speak 19 languages including French, Chinese and Japanese etc. He then says that he is also going to implement the Indian languages soon. This is seriously a big achievement. Now it will be interesting to see the robots working at airports and at different workstations.