An official of Nestle India said that the company is planning to increase its products bucket by coming up with a few more new products like special masala noodles, dips, and dark chocolates. The official also said that the expansion in product offering is a part of Nestle’s expansion drive.

Besides this, the top company official also said that Nestle will also evaluate its inorganic growth when it gets an opportunity in the country.

“Till now the company has been completely on the organic growth path. If anything worthwhile that comes up does become a candidate for discussion if not execution. Size of the hunger and the need that you feel that category to bolster long-term health in the country”, said Nestle India Chairman and Managing Director Suresh Narayanan.

Our sources revealed that two big names Horlicks and Complan are looking for a potential buyer and Nestle could be one of the buyers.

When Managing Director Suresh Narayanan was asked about whether Nestle India will acquire both the brands, Narayanan said: “Today it’s a realm in the speculations. I think the realm of malted food drinks is in the portfolio of the company. We cannot comment on that is clearly speculative. Moreover taking forward our journey in the value-added dairy segment, we will be entering with a unique set of yogurt-based dips and seasonings with Maggi Dips”, he added.

Nestle India Chairman and Managing Director Suresh Narayanan also said that the company will soon introduce Dessert Delight Brownie cubes under its KitKat brand. These Dessert Delight Brownie cubes will be a  combination of dark chocolate and wafer, he said.

The company with more than 40 products in the market and a stamp of Maggi crisis about three years ago over it has discontinued four of its new products that didn’t seem to work in the market.

Apart from this Nestle India with its Frio will also enhance its presence in the beverages vending segment.

As per our news sources, the company has said to crossed the Rs 10,000-crore sales mark in India and has registered successive volume growth for the ninth quarter in April-June. Nestle is said to have a century-old association with the country.