BJP candidate, Harivansh Narayan Singh won the election of Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman with 124 ayes.

The session started with the Vice-President Venkaiah Naidu’s addressing for the Upper House members and ended up providing the next deputy chairman to it.

Mr. Harivansh Narayan Singh who is a successful journalist and politician won the election under the banner of BJP.

The NDA govt was very much sure about the victory of the election and party proved its words with a success of the election.

The BJP Nominated Harivash Singh faced competition with Joint Opposition candidate B.K Prasad for the election. The  Hariprasad was a three-time parliamentarian of the Congress While Harivansh was a first-time MP of the JD-U. Both the parties were claiming for their victory.

After the Naidu’s addressing, votes had been drawn in which  BJP nominated Harivansh Singh won the election with 125 ayes against 105 noes. Chairman Venakaiah Naidu conducted the votings for two times as some mistakes occurred during the first time and second time-votings crowned Harivaash Singh with the post.

Arun Jaitley who attended the house for the first time after kidney transplant said that under the new deputy chairman, he expects the level of public discourse would be elevated manifold.

The Prime Minister resembled satisfied with the result of the election and appreciated the work of new deputy chairman. He said that he foresees  ‘harikripa’ in the House with this election.

Prime Minister congratulated the JDU MP and appreciated his remarkable contribution to the field of Journalism. Mr. Modi informed about the accomplishments of the Deputy chairman and designated him as an experienced man.”He has read a lot of books and has also written extensively,” Mr. Modi added

Mr. Modi tweeted “An accomplished writer, journalist and active Parliamentarian, I am sure he will further enrich Parliamentary proceedings in his new role. My best wishes to him”.

The Opposition leaders welcomed the result and congratulated the new deputy chairman. AIADMK MPs and TMC leader Derek O’Brien wished Harivash for the success in the election.

Assam Chief Minister and Union Health Minister JP Nadda also tweeted to wish the newly elected deputy chairman.