Get NCERT Exemplar Problems and Solutions for all chapters of CBSE Class 10 Maths. All the questions are provided with easy and accurate explanations.

NCERT Exemplar Solutions for CBSE Class 10 Mathematics

Class 10 Maths NCERT Exemplar Problems help to develop the problem-solving skills and higher order thinking skills among students. Detailed and precise solutions help students clearly understand the concepts used and make learning easy for them. We provide here the NCERT Exemplar Problems and Solutions for all chapters of class 10 Maths. All the NCERT Exemplar solutions have been explained in a way to help students easily understand the concepts and techniques applied. Class 10 Maths NCERT Exemplar Problems and Solutions are available in the form of PDF format which students can download to enhance their preparation level for CBSE board and competitive examinations. All NCERT Exemplar problems are entirely based on latest CBSE Class 10 Mathematics Syllabus 2019-20.

Chapter-wise links to download NCERT Exemplar Problems and Solutions for Class 10 Maths are given below:

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NCERT Solutions for CBSE Class 10 Maths

Importance of NCERT Exemplar Problems

Most of the problems given in NCERT Exemplar are based on the concepts and topics which are very important from exam point of view. Questions given in the NCERT Exemplar are often asked in the board exams. These are a very good resource for preparing the critical questions like Higher Order Thinking Skill (HOTS) questions. All these questions not only make the preparation for board exams easy but are equally important for other competitive exams as well.

Important features of Class 10 Mathematics NCERT Exemplar are:

  • Have sufficient number of questions from each chapter of Class 10 Maths NCERT Book
  • Helpful to assess your understanding level of concepts learned in each chapter  
  • Important for CBSE Class 10 Board Exam 2020
  • Very useful for competitive examinations like KVPY, NTSE, NSO etc.

Students having a clear understating of the basic concepts of Maths can easily solve the problems given NCERT exemplar books. After solving problems of NCERT exemplar one can easily identify his/her hold on the concepts and fundamentals of Class 10 Maths.

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