NASA had invited people from all across the world for its InSight Mission to Mars last month. About 2.4 million people have registered their names for this mission and out of these 1.38 million are the Indians. NASA has issued a report on Wednesday saying that Indians rank at number three in this global list of people registering for Mars Mission.

NASA’s InSight Mars mission will depart for Mars on May 5, 2018. The mission will land on Mars’ surface on November 26, 2018. The main objective of the mission is to study the Mars surface deeply. Mars is one of those planets that have always attracted space enthusiasts. This is not the first time that NASA has invited people to join the Mars mission. It used to invite people from all over the world to join its missions.

NASA has also said that the names of the people joining this mission will remain on Mars forever. This is because NASA will stick the names written on silicon chip on the upper cover of the spaceship taking people to Mars. NASA has also issued online boarding passes to the registered people. Even, many of the people have shared their boarding passes on social media. The boarding passes also have information about the number of miles the people have collected on registering for this mission.

NASA also says that InSight Mission will not only study the surface of the Martian land but will also gain broader information on the formation of planets in the Solar System. NASA also clarifies that the last date for submission of applications ended last week. It says that NASA is not accepting applications for this mission.